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MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING is one of the most important music festivals in China. In the past 20 years, it has annually presented a series of electroacoustic/computer music concerts by prestigious musicians within different schools and styles from all over the world. Its activities also include lectures, master classes, academic writing presentations and awards, new installation art and new devices exhibitions, as well as the influential national electronic music composition competitions.



  1. From airport to hotel:
    You will be arriving at PEK airport; if you have bulky luggage, we recommend taking a taxi to the hotel, which costs less than 200RMB.
  2. Address of the hotel:
    Golden Sun Commercial Hotel
    No.85 Xibianmen Street, Xicheng Disctrict, Beijing, China.
    phone number: +86-10-63012999
  3. Address of Central Conservatory of Music:
    43 Baojia Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, China, 100031



  1. A registration desk is open from 10:00 am 24 Oct. till 5:00 pm everyday.


  1. You will not be able to have wifi access on the campus, so A new sim card is highly recommended for travelling in Beijing, because you will need the data for sending iMessages, GPS, or making phone calls when it is necessary.
  2. You will need VPN to access to Google related website or apps (google drive, gmail, etc.), Facebook, Messenger. For iPhone users, ExpressVPN is recommended, or other VPN apps you are currently using would work.


  1. Breakfast is included in the hotel from 7:00 to 9:30 am, on the first floor of the hotel, called Chaoniu Yan restaurant.
  2. Lunch and dinner will be provided at the dining hall at Central Conservatory of music, it locates on the first floor of new students’ dorm building. A meal voucher needs to be handed to the waiter/waitress when you come in.
  3. WIFI name in the hotel starts with “WX”, no password needed.
  4. Restaurants nearby the conservatory will be mainly Chinese food; this will be illustrated in the map. Café on the first floor of multifunctional building serves coffee, pizza, pasta etc.


  1. Multifunctional Building is the very tall building in front of the fountain.
  2. Recital Hall is towards to the other side of the fountain, face to east, it is a lower building with two floors, and posters will be seen outside of the building.
  3. Dining Hall is on the way to the new opera hall, go through the east gate of the campus, turn left for 2 mins walk, then you will see an isle between two buildings, the dining hall is on the right.