The 20th MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING will be held at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing from October 22nd to 27th. The theme of this year’s festival is Radiance. The renowned Belgium composer Anette Vande Gorne is the Composer of the Year, and she will be joined by other composers and musicians from the US, Belgium, Italy, England, France, Germany and China at the festival.

This year’s festival is comprised of the following activities:

  1. Nine Electronic Music Concerts (in different genres)
  2. Ten Presentations and GRM Tools Workshop
  3. The Sixteenth Electronic Music Composition Competition
  4. Panel and Presentations on Electronic Music in Film
  5. New Electroacoustic Music Equipments Exhibition

MUSICACOUSTICA-BEIJING welcomes composers, scholars and musicians, who work in electroacoustic music, computer music, sound arts, new media art and AI music fields, from China and around the world to participate. The detailed information on Electronic Music Composition Competition will be announced later. Please visit MUSICACOUSTICA website, Facebook Page and Wechat Page for updated information.

Website: www.


International Coordinator: QI Mengjie (Maggie)


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